In order to meet customers’ need and demand, we do our research and development work together with our sculptor, painter, architect, engineer, graphic designer and expert technical teams. During design phase, we provide services of master plan, concept design, visual concept, game unit theming, architectural design and character design.

Through the process, we determine the texture, history and needs of the city, then examine the land and budget. Finally we present alternative projects to our customers.


Our experienced architecture and engineering team prepares technical infrastructure of the production by visualizing our inspired designs and then the operation/building team realizes the project based on agreed details.


Outdoor Factory’s professional team has the experience to construct complex projects by assembling and joining different parts and materials from scratch. Each project is created by Outdoor Factory has the core principals of constructions and possible to build and reflect the best way of storytelling, operations, attractions, economics and human factors.

Our Work-flow

Outdoor Factory's dedicated team start each project with a scheduled plan and work-flow.

Content Planning

We plan the content of projects, therefor this gives us a clean path to move on other steps.

Concept & Visual Design

The process of concept and visual design is one of crucial parts of a successful project delivery.

Technical Drawing & 3D

At this step, we create a detailed vision that how the project will be look, scaled, functioned and constructed.


Outdoor Factory’s years of knowledge and experience let all our productions are delivered such as a craftsmanship work.


The building and installation process is the most important part to deliver projects perfectly not just on screens or papers but also on field.

Management Consultancy

We know how momentous is the management of the project for a sustainable progress and success.

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