Kids Village

Here, you will find Outdoor Factory Kids Village Projects from all around the world.

First in Turkey Education and Entertainment Village
Another world for our little friends to learn and experience the adult life while having fun with total of 56 different modules and workshops in 5 main concepts: Life, Art, Science, Food and Outdoor.

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Visual &
Concept Design

Kids Town is a new generation meeting point that appeals to kids soul, body and brain with many different units and themes. It was designed under the concepts of archaeology, art, perm culture, gastronomy, science and life culture together with different modules.

Life, Culture, Education

Kids will be able to experience being a banker, taxi driver, firefighter and learn about shopping, science and physics together with their family. Kids will also be able to learn and experience about greenhouse and organic farming.


Kids Village


Nature, Games, Science, Music and Soil


Education and Entertainment Village

In Kid’s Towns we provide various experiences for our little friends with 250 different workshops.

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